GigaMedia: New mobile game JJHero launched and Updates Being Made into Shoumetsu Toshi

TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 14, 2016 -- GigaMedia Limited (NASDAQ: GIGM) announced that the new mobile game JJHero for iOS and Android devices is released in October and Shoumetsu Toshi has new updates in the first week of November.  

With the exclusive rights to operate in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, a new mobile game JJHero is launched on October 11th. JJHero is a traditional role-playing game with the background setting of Dungeons and Dragons, in which players can unite their own teams and use the unique chase and attack system to battle. JJHero has complete contents and systems which allow players enjoy real-time battle with simple fighting modes.

Shoumetsu Toshi launched for five months has made new updates on November 4th and added several new functions players have been waiting for months. Players can use practice mode before actual battles and to revise the skills of collected Spirits and level up. In the past five months, Shoumetsu Toshi has gotten recommended by both App Store and Google Play.

“We want to introduce quality games from China, Japan and other countries to our gamers, to bring in different genres to satisfy all kinds of games. We will continue to add new mobile and social games this year and keep updating our games to provide the best systems and atmospheres to insure gamers enjoy our games anytime and anywhere.” Stated GigaMedia Limited Chief Executive Officer Collin Hwang.


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